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Vot[ing] Thieves

You’d think the U.S. Justice Department would be the last place you’d find a criminal on the loose. You’d especially assume that the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division, which is the unit that oversees American elections, wouldn’t have thieves running around.  But in the last three months, there have been at least four robberies inside the Voting Section of the Justice Department, according to emails from the section chief that I obtained. It seems someone has been stealing cash (and credit cards) from staffers’ Justice Department offices on a regular basis. Access to the floor where the section is located is restricted — you cannot get in unless you work for the Justice Department or an employee lets you in.

This does not instill much confidence in the Voting Section staffers who will be on the front lines of supposedly policing the upcoming congressional midterm elections. After all, who is there to stop elections from being stolen if thievery is commonplace in the Voting Section itself? Maybe they need some hall monitors — I hear that members of the New Black Panther Party are available.


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