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Vox Populi? Never Heard of It

Senators will start voting again today on amendments to the amnesty bill. Despite Monday’s WaPo news story-cum-press release about how Kyl and other bill supporters are optimistic, the Christian Science Monitor actually did some reporting and concluded that “Red-state senators feel the heat of a fiery immigration debate.” Lamar Alexander and Trent Lott also got an earful from constituents last week. And the various state GOP organizations, since they’re somewhat less out-of-touch than the party apparatus in Washington, are responding — this roundup of opinion from party chairmen shows they get it, which is why the state parties aren’t suffering the same drop in contributions as the national party. Despite this, senators really are astonishingly insulated from reality (Kyl didn’t have a single public event last week in Arizona, which may explain his optimism), so the bill could still pass.