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Vulcan Girls in Trouble

From a reader:

I can’t remember, but it seems as if it was you who said something like “Mind my words, if the ratings for Enterprise drop enough, you can bet that T’Pol will go into Pon Farr.”

Well, guess what happened on last night’s episode…

He’s right. Here’s the opening from my Enterprise review , with the relevant prediction:

Okay, the Vulcan chick is over the top.

By now, anyone who cares (if you don’t, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway) has seen or heard that the new Trek series, Enterprise, has a Vulcan sexpot named T’Pol. The producers learned their lesson from Voyager’s 7-of-9, and have concluded they will never again be caught without a silicone-enhanced chick in a spackled-on uniform. It is cool that they’ve chosen a Vulcan to be the sex symbol, since Vulcans — while superior to humans in so many ways — have “not tonight, dear” headaches that last in roughly seven-year stretches (prediction: T’Pol will hear the Vulcan call of the birds and the bees, the Pon Farr, the moment the ratings dip).

With her over-the-top bitchiness and her under-her-top augmentation, T’Pol reminds me of that old Robin Williams joke about how he wanted sex to become an Olympic sport, just so we could see what the East Germans would come up with.

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