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Wait a Second

Last night on his HBO show, Bryant Gumbel interviewed Martha Burk, the one-woman crusade (ok, so I lie–it’s a two person crusade–her and Howell Raines) against Augusta National. Gumbel, it turns out, belongs to the same all-male club that Don Nickles is now catching heat for belonging to–you know, with the “Saudi-like rules for women.” Yet it never came up last night. Ms. Burk, are we a hypocrite? Why are we not protesting Mr. Gumbel on his show? Even if she were willing to compromise her values for the sake of airtime, why didn’t she challenge him once she got in front of a camera with him? She can make a treasure secretary drop his membership in a club, she can stand virtually alone, against the tide of public opinion–even opinion within her own organization–but can’t manage to give Bryant Gumbel a hard time?!