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Waiting on Christie

On MSNBC, Chuck Todd and I discuss the boomlet:

We’re all still waiting. Christie returned to Trenton last night. Sources tell me that he’ll make his final decision this weekend. He’s been away from his children for a few days, so that’s part of the reason why he’s kept mum. On the family front, friends say Mary Pat, his wife, is supportive, but the decision will be his and his alone. 

Indeed, as the clock ticks, top supporters stress that he has an operative’s mind and is not easily swayed by consultants. But he knows that his time is limited. One thing to watch: If he starts making calls to donors, national Republican bundlers, and other insiders this weekend, that’s a sign that he’s running. If the phone is cold, he’s not.

A week ago, Christie confidants told me he was leaning 90-10 against a run. Now, after a week of overtures from former presidents and top GOP leaders, many say it’s 50-50. But it’s fluid, and no one claims to know exactly where he stands — even his father.

For what it’s worth, I hear big-dollar donors are ready to kick-start a campaign, but Christie has yet to pull the trigger, even in private. Of course, once he returns to work Monday, he’ll be greeted with a flurry of questions from the Garden State press corps. So a clear answer must come soon.

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