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Walker: Email Controversy ‘Is Old News’

Thousands of emails were released this week indicating that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker knew that public workers were illegally working on county time on political campaigns, Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace said, but Governor Walker contends, “That’s absolutely not true.”

“It is old news,” Walker  said. “This is about a case that was closed last March. A Democratic district attorney in Milwaukee county spent multiple years looking at all of this information . . . and last year in March he announced the end of that case.”

Commenting on why the case is being discussed again with so much fervor, Walker said that Democrats “don’t want to talk about the improvement in our economy, don’t want to talk about the successes of our state, instead they desperately want to switch the subject to a subject that’s already been resolved.”

Even after years of investigation, Walker has never been charged with any crime.


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