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Walker Knocks Romney

WI magazine’s Charlie Sykes has just published a review of Unintimidated, the soon-to-be-published book by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. He reports that Walker, who was often critical of Romney’s strategy during the campaign, continues to criticize the Bay Stater’s approach.

 “Unfortunately, it was Gov. Romney who did not get the message of Wisconsin.… Our reforms had protected the jobs of firemen, policemen and teachers. We had avoided the mass layoffs of public workers that local communities were facing in other states across America. We had strengthened local government and improved public services.”

But Walker saves his sharpest criticism for what he says was Romney’s failure to provide a positive alternative to President Obama. Instead, he “let the Obama campaign cast him in the role of an out-of-touch rich guy.”

Walker recounts how his advice to Romney’s team “fell mostly on deaf ears,” noting that when he made public suggestions, “we learned there were a lot of screamers in Boston.”

Walker’s book will be released on November 19.


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