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Walker: ‘Time to Come Home’

Madison, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker ratcheted up the pressure on senate Democrats this afternoon, urging the 14 lawmakers, who are on the lam in Illinois, to return and vote on his budget-repair bill.

“This an incredibly important moment,” Walker told reporters in a press conference at the capitol. The on-the-run pols, he warned, better come back quick. “You had your time, now it’s time to come home.”

Senate Republicans, he added, are ready to legislate tomorrow, with or without the Democrats, and will bring hot-button bills to the floor. “The time is up,” Walker said, speaking directly to the cameras and klieg lights. “Come back home, come to the state senate, make your case.”

Walker also pushed back against any possible deal, including a “sunset clause,” that would see collective bargaining eliminated, only to reappear in 2013. This proposal has been bandied about by at least one moderate GOP state senator. “It’s another non-starter,” he said, flatly.


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