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Walking with Moms in Texas: An Encounter with Human Coalition

The controversial Texas law is an unprecedented opportunity for the pro-life movement to show what it is all about: loving women and their children. The state of Texas is full of resources for mothers during pregnancy and after. Human Coalition is doing tremendous work and on Thursday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, its president Jeff Bradford and Texas state director Chelsey Youman are going to join me virtually to talk about the hope for women and babies in Texas. Please register to join us.

It’s not enough to pray for the Supreme Court to overthrow Roe. I, of course, want that. But what we need too — this is essential — is for all of the resources for women and families to be known. Earlier today I was talking with a Sister of Life walking with couples who face adverse diagnoses for their babies. That’s a terrifying walk, especially in a culture where most of the pressures, including from doctors, are for abortion.

Again, you can register here. And would you pass it along to anyone you’ve had a conversation with about the Texas law? We can and should all rally around helping women. And if you’re pro-life, now is the time to support women and babies in Texas and beyond.


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