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Wall Street Journal: Blind To Eye Irritation

As always James Taranto — author of the Best of the Web, and a terrific dancer — offers an invaluable feature. Today’s Best of the Web is sweeping in scope and comprehensive in its detail. In it, you’ll find everything from penetrating discussion of George W. Bush’s “Korean model” for Iraq to quirky headlines from the hinterlands (“Emergency Room Doctors Investigate Local Man’s Eye Irritation”). But you know what you won’t find? Any mention of the debate challenge issued by National Review’s editors to our friends at the Wall Street Journal. It’s a shame really, just the other day the editors of the Journal ran that quite good piece by Peter Berkowitz lambasting the left for its refusal to debate first principles while cheering the right for its eagerness to do exactly that. Two days later NR challenges those editors to precisely the sort of debate conservatives take pride in and the response has been (significant?) silence. Meanwhile, the Best of the Web, the Wall Street Journal’s All Seeing Eye can find motes everywhere while missing the beam in itself. Perhaps they should hie to the local emergency room.