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WaPo and Moral Complexity

Amen, Ramesh

One of the things I like about Catholicism is that for every question you have about Catholic teaching, there is eight feet of library shelf to provide as a starting point for your inquiries. If anything, the dumbing down of Catholic teaching (and of moral life in general, and of life in general) that followed the 1960s represented a turn away from moral complexity. On the one hand you have John Chrysostom, on the other you have “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” I do not agree with Robert George’s argument on gay marriage, for example, but you cannot seriously argue that it avoids moral complexity.

It is not unusual for me to see something in the Washington Post with which I disagree, but it is rare for me to see something that seems stupid. But then the Catholic Church is not the only institution that has suffered from dumbing down.


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