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WaPo Reporter: Bill Clinton ‘So Disliked’ in Haiti After Charity Work ‘He Couldn’t Even Run for Mayor’

The Clintons’s push to have reporters focus on the Clinton Foundation’s charitable work rather than its receipt of foreign donations may be ill-advised, after Washington Post reporter Colby Itkowitz said the Foundation is so loathed by some in impoverished Haiti that Bill Clinton “couldn’t even run for mayor.”

Itkowitz spoke Friday on Fox News about the Foundation’s continued struggles over foreign donations. “A lot of the defenders of the Clinton Foundation have said, ‘Listen, it doesn’t matter who gave money,’” she said. “‘It matters that we’re doing this great, charitable work around the world. That’s what the media should be focused on.’”

But the reporter then cited a Friday Post article on the Foundation’s activities in Haiti, where it has ostensibly worked to provide relief related to a devastating 2010 earthquake.

Noting “setbacks and disappointments” in Foundation aid, Itkowitz said there are “quotes from Haitians that say Bill Clinton is so disliked down there he couldn’t even run for mayor.”

“Some Haitians think that the work down there has just helped out [the Clintons’s] wealthy friends,” she added.


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