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WaPo vs. Cruz on the Colorado Springs Murders

In response to Auto-Eroticism

Charles, a reader I’ll identify as “PJM” emailed me about the Washington Post’s treatment of that quote. Here’s the email with some light edits:

Please tell me that you or someone at NR is going to take on this hatchet job at the Washington Post.  The article is headlined,

Ted Cruz cites reports that Planned Parenthood shooter could be ‘transgendered leftist activist.’ What?

The article reports that, “on one side,” a representative of Planned Parenthood blamed the shooting on hateful rhetoric from the right, and then cites Cruz’s statement, “on the other.”  But if you read far enough down you see that Cruz is actually making exactly the opposite point, saying the left/media are wrong to blame the shootings on pro-lifers and that “if” he turns out to be a transgendered leftist activist, the attacks should NOT be blamed on the left.  The author does cite some obscure folks on the right who make the point they claim Cruz is making, but the point of the piece seems to be (1) to malign Ted Cruz and (2) to otherwise take a “pox on both their houses” attitude toward the whole concept of blaming the other side.  But, again, Cruz was taking a position against assigning political blame, so the author should in fact be praising Cruz.

 I’m not going to write about it, PJM, because you already did so, and well.


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