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The War on Israel Is Being Waged by a Hamas-Syria-Iran Troika

While the world powers seek to end Iran’s illicit nuclear-weapons program, the Islamic Republic and its strategic partner Syria are supplying the Palestinian terrorist entity Hamas with conventional arms – which Hamas is using right now to target Israel.

Hamas launched a long-range Syrian-made M320 rocket at Israel on Tuesday. Iran furnished Hamas with similar long-distance rockets during Israel’s 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense. A recent report from the U.N. (yes — the U.N.!) outlines Iran’s role in funneling weapons to Hamas in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza. (Pillar of Defense was an eight-day mini-war that resulted in preventing large-scale Hamas aggression since it concluded.)

Israel has termed its new operation to stop Hamas rocket fire Operation Protective Edge. The conflict now appears to be headed toward a full-blown war, largely because Hamas has rained over 200 rockets into Israel and targeted the country’s nuclear reactor in Dimona.

What should the Obama administration do? State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “We . . . support Israel’s right to defend itself against these attacks.” So far, so good. But the U.S. still defends and funds the Palestinian Authority–Hamas unity regime.

As Clifford D. May, my colleague at FDD, showed in early July, U.S. taxpayers are paying handsome salaries to Palestinian jihadists, to the tune of $400 million a year in overall aid to the Palestinian state.

American taxpayer dollars are now involved in the third Hamas war against America’s most important ally in the Middle East. What will it take to jolt the U.S. administration out of its Middle East slumber and pull the plug on its recognition and funding of the Hamas-PA regime?

In a separate but related note, Algeria’s World Cup team donated its $9 million prize money to Gaza last week. I strongly suspect FIFA will neither suspend Algeria’s team nor fine it for possibly funding Hamas’s terrorist policies. While Germany humiliated Brazil at the World Cup, Hamas lobbed missiles at the German tourist cruise ship “AIDAdiva” off the coast of Israel. Predictably, Germany chose not use its warships in the Mediterranean to strike back.

On the media front, the French can’t seem to forgive Israel for defending itself. The paper Libération, citing the wire service AFP declared, “Rockets fired at Jerusalem after deadly offensive against Gaza.”

The Israeli cartoonist Dry Bones neatly captures, with biting sarcasm and irony, the reaction of many countries/people to Hamas missile attacks on Israeli cities:

Finally, the BBC, whose coverage of Israel over the last decade has not been sympathetic to the Jewish state, to put it mildly, issued a surprisingly apt headline, “Israel under renewed Hamas attack,” on Tuesday. But the headline apparently later morphed into ”Israel step up plans to stop rocket attacks from Gaza on Wednesday. The BBC did, however, document the fact that Hamas posts inaccurate photographs on social media to advance its terrorist agenda — some of the photographs used are from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

For some excellent on the ground multimedia coverage of Operation Protective Edge, see Israeli journalist Seth J. Frantzman.

To decimate state-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East (e.g., Hamas and Syria) and across the globe, the West will need to dismantle Iran’s terroristic nuclear and conventional-weapons apparatus. The place to start is the ongoing negotiations in Vienna with the mullah regime. 


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