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Warm Up for Momma’s Day with Radio Free Kudlow

Big Larry will be talking big issues again, as he does every Saturday, with so many big brains this Mother’s Day weekend, joined on his tremendous syndicated radio show — heard coast-to-coast from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern via your local station, or on the Web (go here and click on “Listen Live,” and catch the show’s archives here) — by none other than Thomas Sowell, NR’s dynamic duo of Robert Costa and Kevin D. Williamson, Keith Hennessey, James Pethokoukis, Lee Munson, Mike Ozanian, Steve Moore, and John McIntyre. What a lineup! And what topical red meat they’ll be chewing: How pro-growth is immigration reform, the shrinking budget deficit, hedge-fund managers hate affair with Ben Bernanke, hot hot Japan, bullish stocks, and much more. If you had a mother (and who doesn’t?!) then you have to listen! An amazing show that awaits you — be there for the fun, wisdom, and your weekly dose of the Kudlow Rule (free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!).

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