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Warning: A Brand New NR Is Imminent

Consider yourselves warned: The new is almost, almost here. Yes, yes, we know: Our job is to “stand athwart” and yell “Stop.” But, as Ecclesiastes reminds us, there’s eventually a time for pretty much everything, and so, at some point in the next few days, we’ll make a notable exception and scream “Go!” instead. When we do, the website you are now reading will disappear as if in a pantomime puff of smoke, and be replaced upon the instant with a shiny new one. The website is dead. Long live the website. There by the grace of Tim Berners-Lee go we.

This has been a while coming. I took over as editor of NRO in 2016, and, not long after that, we made the decision to nuke the current site and rebuild it from the ground up. That process is nearly at an end. We hope you’ll like the results.


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