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Warning: Don’t Work Illegally!

One of our embassies has released a well-produced video warning the locals not to try to work illegally in the United States. It includes testimonials from people who got burned by unscrupulous employers and by their own greed and stupidity. It also features an agent from the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security warning, in a friendly but unequivocal way, of the dire consequences facing those who try to game immigration and visa laws, including a lifetime bar from visiting the U.S.

So, which big illegal-alien-sending country country do you think this video was produced for? Mexico? China? The Dominican Republic? Korea?

No, silly. Israel.

Yup — we’re warning off illegal aliens from a country whose illegal population here is so small we can’t even reliably estimate it, a country whose entire Jewish population is smaller than the number of illegal aliens just from Mexico. (Here’s a story from last week’s Forward on Israeli illegal aliens).

Now, don’t get me wrong — the consular staff who made this video deserve an award for their imagination and zeal in defending our country’s interests. All those violating our immigration laws must be punished. But why isn’t this kind of campaign being mounted systematically at all consulates where the locals may consider coming here illegally? (Though it also would be nice to actually, you know, enforce the law, so our warnings aren’t dismissed.) Do you think the nonimmigrant visa section in Juarez would be allowed to produce something this threatening to warn against abuse of Border Crossing Card visas? Of course not — but since Israelis are white and have Zionist cooties, the Obama administration’s appointees apparently decided to permit our consular professionals to actually do their jobs in this instance. The career officers responsible for this commendable effort better hope they don’t get transferred to Manila or Tegucigalpa or Riyadh, where their imagination and zeal would likely receive a different response.


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