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Wars of the Cousins

I agree with Derb’s take below on “European wars.” However, he’s wrong to lump in Serbs vs Kosovars with the Irish vs Irish as part of the fag end of Euro-warmongering (“fag end” is Britspeak, nothing to do with current Beltway preoccupations, I hasten to add). As I point out in my soon to be forthcoming book whose title escapes me, the Balkan collapse of the Nineties was a warm-up for the civilizational showdown:

Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since World War Two? In the 30 years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 per cent to 31 per cent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 per cent to 44 per cent. In a democratic age, you can’t buck demography – except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out – as other Continentals will in the years ahead: If you can’t outbreed the enemy, cull ’em. The problem Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent.

So there’ll still be plenty of war in Europe, just not between ethnic Europeans.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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