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Was It Something Mrs. Duffy Said?

In an earlier post, John O’Sullivan summarized bigotgate, the gaffe that is today’s talking point (at least until tonight’s debate) in the British media:

Yesterday, Prime Minister Gordon Brown – unaware that he was speaking on a still-open neck-microphone, described a Labour-voting woman [Gillian Duffy] who had ventured mild criticism of high immigration levels in an otherwise friendly chat as “bigoted.” This was played out in full on television – even the horribly embarrassing moment when Brown buried his head in his hands as he heard his own words played back to him. Brown apologized, but to little avail.

Archbishop Cranmer meanwhile digs up this helpful quote from Gordon Brown last year:

I have never agreed with the lazy elitism that dismisses immigration as an issue, or portrays anyone who has concerns about immigration as a racist. Immigration is not an issue for fringe parties nor a taboo subject.

Oh dear.


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