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Washington Post Falls Flat Attacking McCain

Yesterday, Ramesh called shenanigans on the Washington Post story about McCain’s temper, and no less than McCain’s right hand man Mark Salter wrote in to complain about the myriad ways in which the story was unfair and wrongly reported.

Well, it gets even worse. Over at NRO’s media blog, Greg Pollowitz demolishes the credibility of the story and the sources involved. It seems one of the main sources for the story is a 911 truther and also believes that the Bush administration is running a secret plan out of the Commerce Department (which, natch, is headed by a MexicanHispanic-American) to merge the U.S. and Mexico into one country. Read the whole thing.

Does the media think that anyone who’s a Republican is an instantly credible source to attack another Republican, and they don’t need to bother checking? That also seemed to be the case in the Karl-Rove-masterminded-the-Don-Siegelman-indictment nonsense the media got swept up in.

UPDATE: Accidentally identified the story as coming from the NYT when first posted. My apologies.


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