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Washington Post Tries Nuance

Even though I expect the amount of column inches of coverage of Sunday’s “March for Women’s Lives” (please add “Except the Unborn Ones”) to be greater than the “March for Life” receives annually, the Washington Post rally coverage today is rather nuanced.

The Metro section piece begins as expected, featuring the family of Gerri Santoro, a woman who died of a botched abortion in the sixties. A photo of her face-down naked corpse became a iconic image for abortion advocates. But reporter Elizabeth Williamson also includes on an almost equal plain one Kathryn Drake, who had an abortion in 1978 and instantly regretted it and found solace in Christian faith.

In the Style section, often liberal Laura Sessions Stepp writes on how “Younger Feminists Introduced New Issues, More Nuanced Positions.” It features young liberals saying they wouldn’t so much mind parental notification laws, or are uncomfortable with late-term abortions, or think men shouldn’t be left out of the “choice” loop. It also includes Kate Michelman lecturing about the need to remain absolutist.

On the Post website, the online-discussion people even hosted an Internet chat with Janice Shaw Crouse of the pro-life Beverly LaHaye Institute. They’re making it hard so far to complain about imbalance.

PS: For a peek at the problems with Post coverage of a 2001 abortion rally, see here.

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