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Wasserman Schultz: Democrats ‘Have Your Back.’ Priebus: Obama Doesn’t Even Have Wasserman Schultz’s Back

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Sunday that the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, that President Obama’s unpopularity is not a problem for the party, and that voters understand that Democrats “have your back.”

“We’re going to hold the Senate because over the next couple of weeks and leading up to even today [sic], the one issue voters are going to ask themselves, Chris, is ‘Who has my back?’” Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee, told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. “And on issue after issue, Democrats have stood up for jobs, for the economy, for investing in education and health care. Those are the issues that voters are talking about. And Republicans have engaged in trying to take their health care away, to oppose the minimum wage.”

The economy is in fact the top issue cited by voters in a recent Associated Press/GfK poll. But the Obama presidency — during which the president’s party has constantly controlled the Senate and during the first two years of which the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress — has now seen the longest period of economic stagnation since the Great Depression, long ago surpassing such dismal wealth-creating eras as the Carter administration and the post-war recession of the Truman era.

In a jocular but pointed exchange, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus scoffed at Wasserman Schultz’s claims.

“You guys are losing everywhere, and the president hasn’t had anybody’s back. He hasn’t even had your back,” Priebus said, in an apparent reference to reports that Obama and the Democrats have soured on Wasserman Schultz’s leadership of the DNC.

Wasserman Schultz countered that the Republicans have had to pour campaign money into “blood-red states” including South Dakota, Kansas, and Georgia.

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