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Wasted Opportunity

From a reader:


I cannot believe you aren’t letting Warren Bell find out for himself,

Jonah. In fact, I can’t believe you don’t have some sort of hazing ritual

at NRO. You could have asked Mrs. Lopez to assign Mr. Bell the task of

coming up with something critical of Mecca for the Corner. Sort of like

making the new kid sing while standing on a table being pelted by

spitballs, and if he stops, he has to drink a tankard of magnesium citrate.

Ah, the wasted opportunities!

Me:Hey, if you want a candidate for hazing, a few weeks ago I was IMing with our webguy and I referenced the G-File. He asked if that’s what I call my column archives.

If you listen carefully, you can still hear a distinct “whack” sound from the NRHQ storeroom and his baleful cries “Thank you sir! may I have another?”


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