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WATCH: College Students Support Freedom For Muslim Singers But Not Christian Photographers

Alliance Defending Freedom asked students at the University of Wisconsin if they thought a dress designer should have the freedom not to design a dress for Melania Trump. They said “absolutely.” 

The students also thought a Muslim should have the right to turn down singing at a Christian church. But when they are asked if a Christian photographer should have the right not to photograph a same-sex wedding, their answers uncomfortably change. 

The powerful point is clear as can be: 

UW-Madison students support freedom for Muslim singers. What a…

We went to the University of Wisconsin – Madison to find out what some people on campus had to say about freedom of expression and the city ordinance ADF is challenging on behalf of Christian photographer and creative writer Amy Lawson. They all agreed a creative professional should have the freedom to decline to express views or create art that conflicts with their beliefs. But what did they have to say when asked specifically if a Christian photographer has the same freedom as, say, a fashion designer or a singer? SHARE this series of conversations that show this shouldn't be such a "sticky situation," but an easy call.

Posted by Alliance Defending Freedom on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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