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WATCH: Liberals Love Socialism But These Venezuelans Should Scare Them

More and more liberal Americans are embracing socialism. Unfortunately, it seems many of them aren’t aware of the realities that citizens in countries like Venezuela face. Filmmaker Ami Horowitz spoke with Americans who call socialism “great.” Then, he traveled to Venezuela to speak with men and women actually living in the horrific environment that socialist policies have created. 

In this video, we meet Venezuelan citizens who struggle to find enough food each day and live in the middle of spiking crime and violence. As one woman told him, “Most of the time we are starving…we cannot find food, we cannot find milk…we cannot find basic things like sugar.” 

Another woman, who was pregnant, described standing in line all night for food to come away with only a can of milk. Other people described the extreme dichotomy between rich and poor in the country, talking about those in government have all the power and money. The video also showcases an epidemic of violence. The country has less than one-tenth the population of the United States but three times the murder rate. 

Near the end of the video, Horowitz asks the Venezuelans what they would say to Americans who want to bring socialism to the United States. The responses were telling, as they warned people not to invite “chaos” and “hunger” into their lives. 

“They would have to live what we are living so they can see for themselves that nothing is good, so they see this is a nightmare for us, a terror,” said one woman. 

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