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WATCH: Women’s March Organizer Complains About 22 States Opposing Sharia Law

Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour is upset that 22 states oppose sharia law. She also makes the bizarre claim that children are being executed (she appears to be referring to the United States) and that there are lawmakers that want to ban Muslims from practicing their faith. Note to Sarsour…opposing sharia law is not the same as wanting to ban Muslims from the free practice of religion. 

We come to the United States. 22 states with anti-Sharia bills trying to ban us from practicing our faith. The mosque oppositions were fighting zoning boards across the country. Our kids are hearing this rhetoric. We have people — mosques being vandalized, kids being executed. Islamophobia leaders on national television are saying ‘Holy wars’ and ‘These people want to take over America.


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