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WATCH: Panelist RIPS CNN & Liberal Media for Biased Election Coverage

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway berated liberal media coverage of the 2016 election on CNN this weekend, leaving host Brian Stetler nearly speechless. Here’s a portion of the transcript featured in the video above: 

Yes, this was a complete failure at every step of the process during this entire campaign. The media definitely — they clearly and overtly and even told us they wanted Hillary to win and they gambled everything — including their credibility, on defeating Donald Trump and electing Hillary Clinton and they lost and now where does that leave everybody?

…The New York Times had on the front page of their paper in the middle of August that you couldn’t give Donald Trump a fair shake. No body with eyes or ears could have any question what so ever in the media felt about Donald Trump, what they felt about his voters. Even something as simple as— for some reason people in Washington and New York newsrooms had a really high view of Hillary Clinton that was unmatched in the entire rest of the country, so you had people in our newsrooms, in our major national media telling us things we knew were not true. I don’t know what the media can do now to regain its credibility.


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