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WATCH: Stacy Washington on Why She Quit After Being Suspended For Her Column Defending the NRA

Stacy Washington is a nationally syndicated radio host who wrote a regular column for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch — until two weeks ago. She wrote a column defending the NRA (now behind a pay wall) and discussing the lack of opinion diversity on certain issues in the media. She was soon notified that she was being suspended for not disclosing that she had previously worked for the NRA. As Stacy explains in the interview below, she has never been paid to work for the NRA — and there are plenty of other reasons why her suspension was unwarranted. She soon decided she’d rather resign, which led to a flood of media giving her a platform to discuss the real meat of her controversial column. She tells the whole story today in our Facebook Live interview, as well as informs us about her work with Project 21 and a few great book suggestions to boot. Enjoy the interview: 


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