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Watch What Six American Bombs Do to an ISIS-Held Hilltop

This spectacular video, from Agence France-Press, shows a U.S. air strike against a few Islamic State fighters on a hilltop near Kobani, a Syrian border town the jihadist group has been trying to seize from Kurdish fighters. They seem to be holed up in some kind of fortifications on top of the mountain, and there’s also, if you squint, a dark flag that appears to be the black Islamist shahada flag, used by the Islamic State and other jihadist groups. Well, there was:

It’s impossible to say for sure what U.S. aircraft dropped the bombs or what kind of bombs they are, but there have been B-1 Lancers, a supersonic bomber, flying over Kobani, and according to the Aviationist, the bombs used are quite possibly GBU-12s, common American laser-guided bombs. Common, but not for commoners: Each of the six bombs dropped costs a cool $22,000.

With somewhere north of 100 U.S. and allied strikes in Syria since bombings began a month ago, the well-respected Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that they’ve killed 464 Islamic State fighters and 57 fighters with al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra. Sadly, 32 civilians, including six children and five women, have also been killed, in air strikes against oil facilities held by the Islamic State.

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