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WATCH: Women’s March Exposes Blatant Hypocrisy in Promo Video

The Women’s March on Washington, which took place today, was in hot water earlier this week when they chose to exclude pro-life partners from their event. Initially, they had partnered with New Wave Feminists, but ended the partnership when liberals complained about their pro-life views. (We spoke with NWF about it here.) In a promotional video on the Women’s March Facebook page, individuals express why they’ve chosen to march. In one scene, a pregnant woman points to her stomach and says she’s marching because her unborn daughter’s life matters. 

So… an unborn child’s life matters — but they refused to partner with those who exist to spread that very message? You can’t have it both ways. Either, the unborn matter and have value, or they don’t. It’s unfortunate the Women’s March is so blatantly hypocritical — but even more so that they made pro-life women in this country (half of us!) feel unwelcome at their event. 

Catch the scene at about 11 seconds in: 


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