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Watchblog Denies Any Link to Kerry Rumor

They sent us this:

Your report of conspiracy theories regarding WatchBlog, its founder Cameron Barrett and the Kerry affair rumor have no basis in fact. Cameron Barrett turned the management of WatchBlog over to me back in October when he went to the Clark campaign. Cameron has had absolutely no role in WatchBlog operations, nor has he written anything on WatchBlog since then. Cameron’s only role since October of 2003 with WatchBlog is that it is his server which hosts the software which WatchBlog runs on.

The writer who broke the story on Feb. 6 on WatchBlog, SoL, is known by me personally and he has no contacts with Cameron Barrett and has told me his source was a media insider having no connections with the Clark campaign. Drudge stole the story some 6 days later and called it a scoop. The story has been on WatchBlog for 7 days now. These are the facts from the source. If you are interested in publishing facts, publish this email. If like Drudge, you are just into promoting ratings through misinformation, by all means wastebasket this factual feedback on the conspiracy theory of a connection between WatchBlog’s founder and the Clark Campaign and the stolen story by Drudge.

These facts can be backed up by the editors and writers of WatchBlog who now number more than 40.

David Remer

Managing Editor, WatchBlog


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