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Watching Tv = Doing Nothing?

Ah Derb, one day I will have to teach you the art of ATVW — Active Television Watching. While I agree that watching TV most certainly can be and most often is passive doing-nothingness, some of us take an aggressive approach to watching the tube. Just ask my wife, I’m constantly dissecting what I watch, screaming about how the disposable coffee cups are empty (a personal peeve), how so-and-so was in this or that, wondering out loud why the maker of Hawaii Five-O ever bothered to change Kam Fong’s name when they cast him in the role of Chin Ho etc. In fact, I can see less than a minute of most sub-par sitcoms and I can tell you what the story-line is and how the show will end without ever having seen the episode before.

Okay, now that I think about it, maybe it isn’t any better than a jigsaw puzzle.


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