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Waxing Derbish

From the reader I accused of same:

“a reader waxing Derbish”…Derbish? Harumph! I did not go on to

mutter “and so we’re all doomed…”, now that would be Derbish.

I’m on a different tangent, and wondering at what point some of

the Europeans will start hitting back, hard. The only political parties

that are offering any way out of the morass are lunatic-fringe

rightwingers like Le Pen in France and the BNP in Britland (the BNP

is showing some vague signs of intelligence, by starting to shed

their reflexive Juden-hasse, although the jury is way out on that).

I have to wonder if the military in Sweden will let their entire

country become one big Malmo-style slum, without a fight, for

example. There are other question marks in other countries.

Nope. I ain’t Derbish…

Derbish, Derbish, Derbish, shouldn’t that be some minor and obscure

shire, perhaps in “Lord of the Rings” if not in reality?


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