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By the Way . . .

As I mentioned in yesterday’s G-File, I’ve returned to Twitter for the time being, after a four-month hiatus.

For no discernibly good reason, I am back on Twitter for an indeterminate period of time. I’m still trying to figure out why I should — or shouldn’t — Tweet, not counting how incredibly gay it sounds for a grown man to say “tweet.” If you want to follow me, that’s fine, but please give me some privacy when I go through the curtain into the back room at the local video store. If you want to “follow” me on Twitter (again, for as long as that lasts), I’m at @JonahNRO. It’d be cool if I could break 10,000 followers with this announcement. But it’d be cooler if I could break a cinderblock with my mind.

Should you follow me? Well, I’ll try to announce media appearances more regularly there. It is easier than cluttering up the Corner with it. More importantly, pretty much all of my zombie commentary can be found there now.


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