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The Way We Were

From a friend:

“John—I watched ’Dial M for Murder’ last night, and was struck by one scene in particular. It’s near the end,

as the Scotland Yard inspector, played by the terrific character actor John

Williams, is about to spring a trap on Ray Milland. It involves the

switching of keys to the house owned by Milland and Grace Kelly. He takes

one key from Kelly’s purse, replaces it with another (useless) key, and

hands the purse to one of his junior detectives, telling him to take it to

the nearby police station (where Milland will call for it). The junior

detective takes the purse, puts it on his arm, and turns to leave the room.

“The inspector barks at him:

“‘Wait a minute, you clot! You can’t walk down the street like that. You’ll

be arrested.’

“I’m sure that got a big laugh in theaters in 1954. We’ve come a long way

since then, eh?”

Oh yeah. Too darn far.


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