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Way to Win Credibility, Guys

There’s a website called Sadly, No! that is dedicated to making fun of the opinions and arguments of the conservative media, including NRO. As with any such efforts, it’s a mixed bag: It has some intelligent arguments, more dumb ones, and a lot of overheated rhetoric throughout. I read it because I enjoy reading what critics, internal and external, have to say about conservatism.

But they’ve now done a post that makes fun of Charles Krauthammer for being in a wheelchair. Here’s the link. I encourage readers not to click on it. I offer it merely for anyone who doubts that I’m telling the truth about the post.

I am the first to admit that there is creepy and ad hominem (also, in the case of some of the attacks on Hillary Clinton, ad feminam) stuff on the right. That stuff disgusts me personally, and it turns people who don’t already have conservative views away from even giving conservatism a hearing. So the folks at Sadly, No! are not just making themselves look puerile, stupid, and creepy — they’re hurting their political cause. Grow up, guys.


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