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We Are The Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Waza Banga of The Net, Don’t Worry, Jonah

No offense to the nice folks at Wizbang, but I did go to check out that poll that invites daily voting and now there’s a passcode to write in before you vote. I’m sure they have it for some good reason, but I am certain that is a turnoff, along with the daily voting, along with The Corner initially being in a wrong category, along with apparent participant bot manipulation I don’t quit understand.

Suffice it to say, thank you all who have voted, thank you all who read us, and back to the work of work and life! For those of us who never ran for office (ok, maybe class president), the last few days were our poll-watching moment. It has passed, at least for me.

And, to the folks at Wizbang, if you bring people (including me) to a few good blogs they havn’t previously seen through this elaborate process, thanks, you’ve done something cool.

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