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“We Don’t Trust You”

It’s still, sadly, the same story in Iraq, as this piece from the London Times reveals. Here’s an extract:

“Dr Mohammed, the hospital director, greets us in his cottage in the compound grounds. He has a poster of Saddam on the wall, next to a photograph of his daughter, who is with his wife and family in besieged Basra.

“Nobody is taking their pictures of Saddam down yet because we don’t know if he is finished and we don’t know if the British and Americans will stay,” he smiles wearily. “All the Iraqi people hope to get rid of this regime. But most of us are afraid that what happened in 1991 will happen again.

“That’s why we don’t trust you, you let us down before. That is why people do not want to talk. We hope that this is the liberation of Iraq, but we do not know.””

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