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We Hold These Truths

From a reader wise beyond human reckoning:

For what it’s worth, here’s something the great Jesuit John Courtney Murray said about partisanship:

“The whole premise of public argument, if it is to be civilized and civilizing, is that the consensus is real, that among the people everything is not in doubt, but that there is a core of agreement, accord, concurrence, acquiescence. We hold certain truths therefore we can argue about them. It seems to have been one of the corruptions of intelligence by positivism to assume that argument ends when agreement is reached. In a basic sense the reverse is true. There can be no argument except on the premise, anad within the context, of agreement. Mutatis mutandis, this is true of scientific, philosophical, and theological argument. It is no less true of political argument.”

From “We Hold These Truths,” p. 11.

P.S.: When Rich was at AEI on Tuesday, I asked him about giving you a raise. He seemed cool to the idea.


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