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We Need More Poor People

John McCain, at a global competitiveness roundtable:

Responding to a question about so-called H1-B visas for Silicon Valley workers, McCain said: “We have to attract the best and brightest minds. It isn’t just H1-B visas. In our agricultural sector, they can’t find workers as well. We need a temporary agriculture (worker) program.”

[Me, and that was my italics there] Uh, Senator, we already have one. It’s called the H-2A visa.

Would it be too much to ask that a leading candidate for the office of President, one who has sponsored major immigration legislation in Congress, and who has encountered major problems with his party because of his positions on immigration policy — would it be too much to ask that HE HAVE A COTTON-PICKIN’ CLUE ABOUT CURRENT U.S. IMMIGRATION LAW?

And when he has got through the arduous task of reading up the eighty-odd categories of non-immigrant visa, perhaps Senator McCain could pause to explain to us how importing millions of unskilled, uneducated peasants to swell the ranks of our poorest, helps this country’s “global competitiveness.”


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