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We Really Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For….

From a reader:

My wife came home from what I thought was just a trip to the doctor’s office and announced that she’d bought a new toilet seat. Seems the old one, in the bathroom that I never use next to her sewing room, had developed a tear in its surface. It was one of those soft padded ones that the ladies like.

Says I, “Honey, why didn’t you tell me about this before going out and buying one? This is shovel ready infrastructure! If the Anointed One, our Dear Leader BHO, can give a house to any woman who asks for one, why can’t he get us a free toilet seat?”

So I went to that Web number that Joe Biden couldn’t remember, and found out that a vital infrastructure project like mine could be covered by the Stimulus bill, but I’d have to file an Environmental Impact Report. Whoa, I thought, that’d be easy – after I take the old one off and clean under those parts you can’t get to when it’s screwed on, of course the environment would be better. But then I found out that I was missing the point. It was a “Jobs” bill, so I’d have to “create a job” by hiring a laid off lawyer to write the EIR for me. Paying him a little less than $250,000 a year, of course.

Suddenly that didn’t seem like such a good idea, so I went back to the wife and said, “Honey, in these dire economic times, the worst since the Great Depression when my grandma had to make her own beer, couldn’t you have just slapped some duct tape on that thing and saved some money?”

She said “I’m way ahead of you. By buying that toilet seat I ’saved’ the job of the guy in the plumbing department at Home Depot”.

So that’s the first one of the 4 million BHO’s vowed to “create or save”.

Update: Sorry for screwing up the posting earlier.


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