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We See Where This Is Going, But I’ll Let My Leadership Source Have the Last Word

Continued amusing email from a spending hawk staffer in the Senate.

(When his/her email isn’t right, saying the facts are wrong suffices.)

And if the emailer understood how the process works, he or she would get that the Senate Republican leadership is merrily using his/her boss, as well as other members, to get to where the Speaker and the Leader want to go—spending at or below the President’s level; little or no earmarks (after all, it wasn’t the House, but the Senate, leadership that stopped bringing the porky bills to the floor this year).

So email away, non-approps staffer, email away—but when you are finished emailing, spend a little more time helping your boss help the Republican leadership end the Congress on a better note when it comes to spending by keeping the Senate floor under control.

Go, spending power ranger, go!

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