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We Stand on One Side of the Chasm

“The conservative movement is being torn from within,” writes Jonah today in his appeal for you NRO fans to support our Spring Webathon. “It’s close to a civil war. The fault line runs straight through the heart of the Republican coalition, but not through National Review. We stand on one side of the chasm, while many of our friends have set up shop on the other. And quite a few others think they can stand with one foot on each side of an ever-widening divide.”

The entire piece, which begins with a Spencer: For Hire set up, is well worth your time. Some who have been moved to offer support have also accompanied their thoughts with their bucks. As is our habit, we share some of those with you.

Comes $50 from Robert with this one-form-or-another oft-repeated comment: “Thank you for taking a principled stand, especially against the know nothing Trump.”

More Trump: Arlene from NYC drops 25 bucks into the collection plate and then sings praise: “Thank you for trying to warn Americans of the disaster that a Trump presidency would bring. Some of us understand very well. Sadly, not enough. You are helping me keep my sanity during these dark days.”

Taped to a C-note from Ted is this: “Thank you for being the Rock and standing up for true conservative principals. NR is my sole source of sanity in this truly upside down world. Though we may never meet I feel that Jonah, Jim, Charles, and the rest of the gang are true friends and are out there using my voice and pen in saying what this country desperately needs to hear (though in a much, much better fashion and style than I ever could). Again, thank you for standing up for me and my beliefs and allowing me this opportunity to stand with you.”

Neal doesn’t have much in dough. He scrapes together cinq-u-bezza ($5 to you English speakers), for which we are most appreciative, and this small novel of adulation and inspiration:

I’ve been following National Review since high school during the second Bush election. I wasn’t quite old enough to vote, but that election day I held up a Bush/Cheney sign as I walked around campus. I can’t count how many f-words and middle fingers I got (living in the Bay Area), but I just laughed them off. When I got home I hopped onto the Corner and watched the election as it happened along with all the commentary. The Corner has been a tradition ever since. Yet I have never donated because I’ve never had any real money. I’m still pretty poor (slowly working my way up as a novelist), but reading Jonah Goldberg’s latest solicitation almost brought tears to my eyes it felt so true — and tragic. Because it’s not just politics anymore. Politics is a fun game most years. This time it’s a battle for the soul of our nation. And besides even the many people I used to admire falling for the Charlatan, it seems our nation is the last bulwark against the fall of western civilization. We go down and hope for the rest of the world goes down to. It’s hard not to be swayed by scriptural prophecies of the end times when you look at what’s going on these days. So I’m donating what I can today, because I’m proud of National Review and am incredibly grateful none of you guys were taken in by Trump. My donation’s not much, but I hope you guys can count it as the widow’s mite. Thank you for being a haven for rational thought, even in this time when brother turns against brother.


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