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We Thank Kat for Clawing Some Support from You

Miss Timpf kindly pitched in on the NR 2018 Spring Webathon, and if you missed her wisdom-infused plea for assistance, I encourage you to read it here. Truth be told, it is tough slogging to reach our goal of $210,000. Why that figure? That’s detailed here by Yours Truly, but in essence it comes down to this:

  • $100,000 to defray the costs of the NRO website rebuild,
  • $60,000 to defray the costs of hiring a finance reporter, which, in addition to being a valued addition to our editorial mission, will surely be an investment that will help NR with attracting advertising dollars, and
  • $50,000 to defray the costs of our new “content provider” positions.

Hundreds of you have responded and have seen fit to help (translation: donate). Thank you! We pray (we need!) hundreds more of you will do the same. Maybe some of these encouraging words from folks who have this week contributed will . . . motivate.

Roseann from Snowflake, AZ tenders 25 smackers and says that she’s the one who’s appreciative: “Thanks for your articulate and evocative online presence. (Me and hubby also get you in print.)” Love you Roseann, and hubby too.

Greg from Sayre, PA makes with the sawbuck and confesses directly to The Timpfstress: “Wish I could give more Kat, every little bit helps. I used to watch Bill Buckley with my dad back in the 1960s and early to mid- 1970 decades.” Hey Greg, this was pretty decent of you. We are quite thankful.

David from Doylestown, PA forks over $25 and explains why: “When Kat Timpf asks for anything, I respond!” Kat, we have found your butler! Thanks David.

Howard from Mission Viejo, CA contributes a sweet $50 and shares all sorts of wisdom: “Keep up the great work. I really appreciate that you have writers with diverse viewpoints within the wide conservative and libertarian spectrum. I don’t always agree with all of them but I learn a lot from hearing their perspective. Please also continue to do periodic announcements on the website when you’re conducting a fundraising drive. I wouldn’t have known about the need from donations until I read Kat Timpf’s article on the subject. Best wishes!” Back at you Howard.

And John and Carole from Tomball, TX send us $1,000. Wow. And they offer a simple prayer. “God Bless National Review.”

There’d be no National Review for God to bless without the generous support of our many readers over these past six decades. Let me suggest that if you spend a heap of time on NRO, and have done so for years, especially without throwing something green into the collection plate, that you consider doing so now, if only because many others have done so, affording you the years of enjoyable (and free!) reading.

Is it asking too much for $10, $25, or $50 to scratch that itch on your conscience? What if life has been good to you and your wallet and you’re feeling the supersized spirit of extra generosity: How about $100, $250, $500, or even doing what John and Carole did? Really, your help is sorely needed. So please take part in our Spring 2018 Webathon: Make your donation direct to NR here. If you prefer PayPal, send your help to NR here. And if you roll old school, mail a check (payable to “National Review”) to us at 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. We remain deeply appreciated to any and all who provide us any level of help.

And thanks again Kat.


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