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’Tis closing in on the gift-giving season, when there’s always that problem – what to get for the curmudgeon in your life. Cantankerous Uncle Ned, brassy Cousin Jane, mercurial Mother-in-law, they’re almost impossible to please. But as your big sister always told you, “almost” doesn’t count, except in horseshoes, and this ain’t horseshoes. Indeed, there are two perfect – I mean dead-on ideal – gifts you can give those hard-to-pleasers this Yuletide. One is the complete, unedited, acclaimed and classic collection of Florence King’s “Misanthropes Corner” columns – STET, Damnit! We’ve just gone back to press on this popular title, and there are ample copies now available, each for just $24.95 (which is $5.00 off the cover price), and shipped to you free. You can order STET, Damnit! here. The second stocking stuffer (assuming you’ve got big stockings) is our new collection – Deja Reviews, Florence King All Over Again, which assembles all the sassy and brassy book reviews and essays the Queen of Mean wrote for National Review and The American Spectator from 1990 through 2001. This $24.95 beaut is a must-have for any Flo fan. Order Deja Reviews now, safely and securely, at the NRO Bookstore (remember – shipping and handling are free). And for just a few dollars more, you can get an autographed and inscribed copy of Deja Reviews!

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