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“We Won’t Show Mercy”

Markos Moulitsas, founder of the website DailyKos, is congratulating his contributors for their efforts to attack the story of Republican anger at Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s comments about the confidential FBI file of Bush judicial nominee Henry Saad. (They claim, incorrectly, that Reid said nothing out of the ordinary or that had not been said before.) Kos’ message today:

It was fun flexing our muscles last night.

Once upon a time, Republicans could run their smear campaigns with impunity. Now, we will go after those who plan those smears, those who abet them, and those who disseminate them.

We will be quick, ruthless, and diligent. We won’t show mercy, because we haven’t gotten any. We will play their game, and play it better. And we will prevail.


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