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Weather Channel Co-Founder: Man-Made Climate Change ‘a Myth’

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Appearing on the Kelly File last night, Weather Channel co-founder and meteorologist John Coleman discussed an open letter he had recently authored in which he declared that “man-made global climate change is a myth.” The letter was written to UCLA’s Hammer Museum forum and criticized one of its recent panels, entitled “Tackling Climate Change,” for not including any skeptics in the event.

Coleman noted that it has been tough for climate skeptics to voice their opinions in the media “ever since Al Gore made [climate change] a plank of the Democratic party.” When host Megyn Kelly raised the point that even certain Republican political candidates will label such views as “nuts,” Coleman replied, “It’s very difficult to be against it when the media has told the nation that the oceans are rising, the polar bears are dying, the ice is melting, that storms are going to sweep the earth, and that we’re all going to die of a heat wave,” adding, “this is bad, bad science.”

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Nat Brown — Mr. Brown is a former deputy Web editor of Foreign Affairs and a former deputy managing editor of National Review Online.


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