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I know people aren’t that interested in Jeff Weaver, but this is a sort of a baseball-oriented entry into the pot wars. Thanks to everyone for indulging me on a brief break from my book…



Kid’s got good stuff, but if you look at his numbers he’s never really been a “lights out” guy. I think a big part of this is that, basically, he’s immature. Remember how he was crying and bitching because he was going to be leaving all his little buddies in Detroit? Puh-lease. You’re going to pitch for the most storied, most deep-pocketed franchise in the world. Only an amatuer would complain. Does everyone forget the pot issue right before he came over to the Yanks? He got caught smoking himself up on the Tiger’s team jet. Now, I don’t want to debate the merits of the illegality of marijuana. But what I will say is that firing up the hookah on the company plane is NOT the epitome of good judgement or maturity. I see him on the mound, and I must say I’m suprised by the intensity he shows up there, but then I see him in an interview, and he’s a bonghit yoda par excellence. He’s good at parroting a few jock-like lines, but in general he has the “pothead whine” going.”


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