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This is a special appeal to those who are regular denizens of NRO, who know of this Spring Webathon, (nicely explained by Rich Lowry) who feel that twinge of guilt or conscience or even harbor a sincere intention, merely delayed, who are inclined, finally, to step up and contribute — but who have yet to do so. Is that you? If so, we ask that you do that right now (done easily and securely, right here).

Over this weekend, some good people found the time and the means to make a contribution. And some said nice things in the process. Such as:

  • Emerson put an interesting amount, $33, into the NR coffers, and offered a confession of sorts: “Here’s what I can afford right now. I thought I’d better contribute before my frequent use of the website catches my laptop on fire. P.S. They would probably kick me out of grad school if they knew I was sending you this. Cheers.” And to you too.

  • Hitting the same theme, Adam kindly donated $100, and tendered an admission: “Been enjoying NRO for way too before donating. Thank you for the excellent content.” We are so appreciative Adam that you took the plunge.

  • Mark invoked WFB with his $50 of support: “I recall once, in the nascent days of the world wide web, William F. Buckley refer to the internet as a subtle thief of time. Indeed, it still is. A faster website is thus an investment. Here’s my share.” Thanks Mark and we will get there soon.

  • Bill had a lot to say about his habits, about Mrs. Bill’s listening preference, and mail (all this along with his $100 donation): “Sirs, I want to stay informed, entertained and enlightened. NR (DTE) and NRO fill the bill. My lovely wife contributes to our local NPR station. (I pretend I don’t and get a sneaky sense of satisfaction of ‘sticking it to the man’ when I get home early, bring in the mail, and toss their latest additional begathon envelopes in the trash!) The least I can do is support my team, and you guys are it. Funds are fungible, a lesson from NR, but in my mind, $50 is going to upgrading the website (amen) and $50 is going to pushing back against Dr. Mann’s First Amendment assault. Keep up the good work, and pass along my thanks especially to Jonah, Geraghty and Kevin W.” It is hereby passed.

  • And then there’s Francis and his $100 and this: “NR has made a huge difference in my life and career. Thank you.” Wow. You’re welcome.

Over the years, thousands have shown NRO their support, making it feasible for NRO to continue its 24/7 wonderment. If it’s your turn to do the same, please do it. Our webathon has surpassed $212,000 in contributions, on our way to the goal of $264,000. We’re counting on you to help us reach it. To contribute via NR, click here. If you prefer to contribute by check, please make yours payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 215 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016. And if you prefer PayPal, you can donate here. God bless and many thanks.