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Webathon Keeps Thonning On

Running out of headline ideas, obviously. But what we are not running out of is support from our friends, who are kindly making donations to their favorite magazine and website — the least favorite of a certain man with orange hair, and likely a pants-suited lady. You can do the same here.

On the morning after, some generosity, with comments:

Tim sends $100 and is short and sweet: “NR is more important now than ever!” And don’t we know it!

Jeff drops a cool $25 and a cheer-up: “There are so many of us who support you guys. Don’t let the Trumpeteers get to you.” We don’t Jeff. I think we get to them!

Phillip tosses 100 bucks at us and then opens up: “In my despair I offer this meager donation as appreciation for NR’s many years of inspiration. I am at the Autumn of my life and sit here this morning heart broken about the future we will be leaving my grandchildren. We almost made it, Reagan with the help of NR, prolonged for 35 years the dream for mankind and for our nation but now I see it crashing down.” Phil, my man. Be cool. Despair is a sin. We are going to come out of this, sooner or later. To every season . . . And thanks a lot.

And finally, a very cool C-Note from Mary Kay, who has this inspiring thing to say: “If not for National Review, I would have lost my mind this election season. So what is our way forward? Living in New Jersey, I was looking forward to voting in the primary in June and having it matter for the first time in my lifetime. Alas. I wanted Scott Walker, then Marco Rubio, then Ted Cruz. And now my vote seems as irrelevant as ever. I have written to the Republican National Committee to ask them what our plan is. We need a leader and a new conservative movement for the 66.66 percent of us who are #NeverTrump. I am a 62-year-old speech pathologist, wife, and mother in Englewood, New Jersey, and Kevin D. Williamson is my soulmate. Please keep it coming, NR, as we make our way through the wilderness.”


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